One Email That Will Instantly Get Clients For You

Nice title right? Yeah I know I’ll get my chops busted for saying that, but after reading that exact statement in another article, I couldn’t resist the urge to repeat it.

Well before I go any further into this article, let me say for the record;: “There is no one email that will instantly get you clients”…in a perfect world.

Now don’t get discouraged, there are a TON of emails out there that you can use to start building a relationship that will get you clients. Maybe Lot’s and lot’s of clients. And some will even be clients for life.

I use a sure fire way, which I’ll show you in a moment, that’ll get you tons new clients without you ever having to do “cold calling” or “cold emailing” (which can be viewed as spam), with anyone.

Like I said “I’ll reveal that in a moment but first, we’ll use dating as an example…

Just imagine if you will, that you’re a guy who walks into a bread shop where you see the woman of your dreams. So you walk right over to her and you say: “Hello beautiful, Would you like to have sex?”

What do you think the odds of you being successful are? No math needed here. Not nearly as good as the odds of her slapping the taste out of your mouth or calling the police on you.

Now if you walked up to that same woman and asked her what bread did she think would go well with the wine you just bought…your chances of success just rose higher.

Winning over a new client is no different.

Try sending an email that says, “I’ll completely turn your failing business around and I’ll make you 2 million dollars by this time next year and all you have to do is pay me $10,000 every three months.”

I guarantee you’ll get no response…unless you consider spam complaints a response. You’ll probably get the finger as well, but that’s about all you’ll get.

Remember the bread shop example? If you use your emails to start a conversation as a means of establishing a relationship, you’ll have a much better chance of success.

When you have to email prospects “out of the blue”, make sure that you pick a subject (based upon your niche), that they will be interested in to start a dialog.

**Never forget this** Email marketing is all about creating relationships with your clients. Strong relationships. Your relationship needs to be strong enough that people trust you enough to not only do business with you but refer you to their friends as well.

It will take time.

While there is an exception to every rule, there are virtually no more “one call closers” anymore. That died out 20 years ago. (When was the last time you got either one phone call or email from a stranger and you bought something)

People have not only gotten jaded from that type of marketing, but we have choices now. The person who calls out of the blue now is seen only as a nuisance or someone just trying to sell something; not a friend who stands ready to help with a solution.

In this scenario you want to be seen as the friend. Not the cold calling pain in the tookus.

This will of course require you to go on a few ‘dates’ first. You’ve got to build that relationship and let them know what you’ve already done for others.

Now for that sure fire way to get you more business without you cold calling or cold emailing anyone:

What you’re going to do instead is create a powerful lead magnet and distribute it through partner businesses. You’ll use your lead magnet combined with an offer as a free giveaway to your partner business’s clients.

The offer itself will be something simple like, ” Call to schedule your free analysis, or “Call me for more info”. (This one works great) “$300 in free services when you call by this date”

So who are these ‘partner businesses’? Well that all depends on what the services you offer are. Ideally, these will be businesses that are not in competition with you, but they service your ideal clients.

The perfect lead magnet should have great information/content on whatever it is your clients are trying to accomplish or solve. This is important: It SHOULD NOT tell them how to do it. For that they will need to contact you.

And of course you’ll be capturing the emails of every single person who downloads your free lead magnet allowing you to further build relationships with each one and eventually turn the into paying clients. You should have a REALLY good autoresponder to collect emails for you.

This method has bought in over 10,000 perspective clients to an email list within a week, resulting in $100,000 in sales in the first month…Yeah, it’s that powerful when done right.

And you never need to cold call anyone!


If you want to be successful in your business you will need a great autoresponder. Watch the video below and don’t let this happen to you.

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