How To Make Money Blogging

How To Make Your Blog Work For You

Let’s face it: not everyone knows how to make money blogging. There are thousands of blogs online and thousands more get put up everyday. But not all are producing money or are working the way they should or the way you intended them to. Let’s face it: not everyone knows how to make money blogging.

Now it’s your turn. You want to start a blog for your business but don’t know where to start? Maybe you already have a blog that’s not producing for you and you need some advice on what to do. maybe it’s just a hobby for you. But the bottom line is this: whatever your reason for having a blog, you want it to be PRODUCTIVE. At least you SHOULD want it to be productive for you.

Hopefully this video will answer some of those questions and make your blog work for you.


How to make money blogging by using the RIGHT blogging strategies to pull in more subscribers and build relationships with your list so that you can sell more products.

How YOU can install your own blog in five easy minutes at the push of a button.

Where to find the best content to put on your blog. ( we all know how it can be a pain finding, writing, stealing, or whatever, good content )

How to leverage other people’s blogs to drive your own readership and integration up.

How to find and install the best plugins for your blog for optimal performance. ( You may be using plugins that you don’t even need )

How to get other people to write your blog posts for you. ( this is known as “Guest Blogging” )

And much much more…

Blogging always had, and always will have a place in the internet marketing community. If you aren’t using blogging in your business to not only make money online, but to brand yourself as well,  than you are leaving money on the table…Lot’s and lot’s of money. And who doesn’t need money?

Learning how to make money blogging will definitely boost your business. Get you more exposure. And increase your online earnings.

Watch the video below and please leave a comment. Tell me what you think.

blogging” by Sean MacEntee is licensed under CC BY

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