Grow Your Google+ Connections Without Creating a Single Post

How to Rapidly Grow Your Google+ Connections Without Creating a Single Post

It’s true, Google+ is definitely a different kind of social network; it’s become sort of like Google’s “Social Layer.” Be careful here, you just can’t simply link-dump all of your posts into their news stream and expect great results. And did you know you also don’t need to create original posts to increase your connections.

A lot of people don’t know this yet but Google has a relatively unique feature called “Hover Cards”. Hover cards are essentially your “business card” on Google+. Users are able to see this card by simply hovering over your name. They Also added to this card a one click follow button. This cool new feature means that Google+ users will not have to be on your profile page or on an original post to be able to connect with you.

What does this mean for you? This means that every action you take inside of Google+ is another opportunity to grow your Google+ connections and your blog. Your brand, or your business. And something as simple as just leaving a comment can help to grow your google+ connections.

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